The Subaru Apprenticeship Programme provides apprentices with an exciting and challenging opportunity to achieve formal qualifications through extensive product training, while in full-time employment.

Blended Learning is exactly what is says: traditional classroom and workshop learning combined with workbook and e-learning both at home and in your dealership.

Subaru Apprentice technicians follow a programme of theory and practical based training. This involves interactive classroom study and practical hands-on experience in the workshops, as well as online learning that can be undertaken in your own time.

The time spent in the dealership will give you an excellent understanding of Subaru's systems and general practices, while the block release study allows for focused learning.

A 360 degree training experience, the Subaru Advanced Apprenticeship Programme brings together formal qualifications with customer handling training. The end result is a technician who is as good at carrying out major repairs as they are to talking to a customer about their vehicle.

We monitor your progress and provide support throughout the programme, while your local dealer offers you full-time paid employment.

The training course takes place on location at the state-of-the-art, purpose-designed Subaru accredited training centre in West Bromwich. The training facilities recreate a real Subaru dealership environment, allowing apprentices a genuine taste of their career to come with one of the world's leading automobile manufacturers.

In return for your commitment to learn, Subaru will take care of everything else. Your course fees, accommodation, travelling expenses and, of course, your wages are met by your employer.

By the time you finish the course you will have made many new friends and acquired all the essential skills that will help you to succeed in a demanding Subaru dealership and into the future.